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Send a card by mail

It is always nice to open your mailbox and find a postcard in there. A real one – with a stamp and a postmark – which had travelled a long journey from one postal department to another and finally reached its destination.

“You’ve got a postcard” is a unique service of sending postcards! Now you don’t have to go the post office! You can choose a postcard and fill it out right here and our employees will take it to the post office and send it to the receiver.

You can also order a “delayed delivery”. For example, you place an order for a New Year postcard in summer and ask us to deliver it in December. Or you can send your loved one a postcard which will only be delivered in 5 years.

If you don’t want to write a message on the postcard just leave the field blank. For instance, you would like to order a postcard for yourself. Let the message be a surprise! You just need to specify the address.

The catalogue of postcards is continually being filled with new cards. Our project “You’ve got a postcards” will always be glad to make a special offer to our customers. Sign up to be always updated on newcomers and special offers.

Though you don’t have to sign up to send a postcard. Just put the postcard you like into your shopping cart.

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